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Wedding Cakes

iced Wedding Cakes

2 tiers from £270.00 

3 tiers from £380.00
4 tiers from £480.00 

naked & semi naked wedding cakes

2 tiers from £195.00 
3 tiers from £330.00
4 tiers from £385.00

(prices include fresh fruit to decorate)

Our delicious sponge flavours

  • Vanilla sponge with raspberry jam and buttercream filling

an old fashioned favourite, a moist and dense vanilla sponge with layers of vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam filling

  • Lemon sponge with lemon curd and buttercream filling

zesty lemon sponge drizzled in lemon sugar syrup, filled with a generous serving of delicious lemon curd and lemon curd buttercream

  • Lemon sponge with raspberry jam and lemon curd buttercream filling

our zesty lemon sponge with a summery twist, layers of raspberry jam and lemon curd buttercream is a perfect combination on a summers day

  • Lemon sponge with white chocolate ganache filling

layers of white chocolate ganache with a hint of lemon curd, if you love white chocolate this is a must

  • Red Velvet with vanilla buttercream

red and fluffy with a light chocolate flavour. one of our most popular cakes

  • Chocolate sponge with Bailey's buttercream

a moist and rich chocolate sponge, drizzled with Bailey's syrup and layered with Bailey's buttercream

  • Chocolate sponge with Salted caramel filling

a moist chocolate sponge with layers of salted caramel buttercream and gooey caramel sauce

  • Chocolate mouse

chocolate sponge with layers of rich milk chocolate ganache filling

  • Chocolate, hazelnut and Nutella heaven

a moist chocolate sponge with roasted hazelnuts, with a nutella buttercream filling

  • Just Chocolate...

Chocolate sponge with a milk chooclate buttercream filling

  • Coffee sponge with coffee buttercream filling

a moist coffee sponge made with rich coffee syrup, walnuts can be added to the mix for the extra crunch

  • Coffee sponge with Bailey's buttercream

our moist coffee sponge with a cheeky twist, coated in Baileys sugar syrup and layers of Baileys buttercream ~ what dreams are made of!

  • Carrot cake with maple syrup buttercream

our most popular cake by far, a moist, light and spicey sponge to include raisens and ginger, walnuts can also be added for an extra crunch. yummy layers of maple syrup buttercream

  • Carrot cake with orange zest buttercream filling

our carrot cake recipe with a orange twist

  • Cherry Bakewell cake,  raspberry jam  A thin scattering of flaked almonds between each layer.

moist and dense almond sponge baked with real almonds, drizzled with almond syrup, layers of almond buttercream with loose flaked almonds and raspberry jam ~ childhood memories!

  • Black Forest Gateau

dense chocolate sponge drizzled with cherry brandy liquor. Kirsch soaked cherries and a light kirsch buttercream filling ~ my absolute favourite

  • Ginger treacle cake with orange zest buttercream filling

a really moist and deliciously dense ginger cake with a zesty filling, wonderful for summer occasions

Celebration Cakes

6" from £65.00
7" from £70.00
8" from £75.00
10" from £100.00
12" from £150.00
(Please add £20.00 for fruit cake)


Swirls and Sprinkles from £1.95 each

Roses and decorative designs from £2.50 each

Corporate cupcakes with Large buisness logo £2.75 each

Small logo £2 each  (min order of 30 cupcakes)

(discounts available for larger orders)

Minimum of 12 cupcakes per order.


Chocolate/ vanilla /lemon cookies start from £1.50

£3.50 indivdually gift wrapped


£2.50 each


Delivery to Bath and Bristol from £10.00 or you're more than welcome to collect from us in Warmley, Bristol. Just call ahead to arrange a time.