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  1. I made this Sand castle wedding cake for my wonderful friends, James and Lauren.
    They got married at Saunton Sands Hotel on 16th April 2016.
    The sand castle theme was chosen by them and everyone commented on how great the cakes fitted
    with their beach wedding.
    The cake was made up of 3 chocolate sponges, 2 with chocolate buttercream and 1 with Baileys buttercream.
    I crushed (a lot!) of digestive biscuits in a food processor to make the sand. This was added to the buttercream to
    get the sandy effect on the cake, and then some loose sand was scattered all over to finish it off nicely!
    For the more finer, shiner sand (which I added around the cake board and the top of the cake) I bought a mixture of sugars
    from the shops, dark sugars and light sugars and mixed with a handful of poppy seeds and a few pearls to create the beachy colours!
    The shells were made out of fondant.
    Oh and to add a final touch I engraved a heart shape with J & L in the middle of it .
    I hope you like it, and thank fully, the cake didn’t taste like you were eating sandy sandwiches!!
    sand castle wedding cakessand-castle-cakeSand castle wedding cake.
  2. The Duke of Cakes created this beautiful naked wedding cake for a wedding this weekend in Bath.

    I haven't made a 4 tier cake for a while so it was great to make one again.

    The bottom tier (10" sponge) was lemon with lemon curd and white chocolate filling, the 8" and 6" sponges were chocolate with Baileys buttercream and the 4" cake on top was a gluten-free lemon sponge with lemon curd and lactose free white chocolate filling. 

    I decorated it with a selection of red fruits including raspberries, strawberries and grapes and a couple of blackberries to have a change of colour. If you look closely you can see I added some white edible flowers around the whole cake. To finish it off I sprinkled on some icing sugar.

    The cake topper was supplied by the bride and groom, I think it looks really sweet on top!

    I hope you like my 4 tier naked wedding cake as much as I did!


    naked wedding cake.12565358_839020429577197_4812631439_839020406243866_6507689909879026252_n